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Our studio was created to weave together the disciplines of architecture and art to create transformative spatial compositions, similar to a musical fugue. Founded in Austin, Texas, in 2010, our work can be seen around the country, from San Francisco to Washington, D.C.

Our multidisciplinary team draws on expertise in analysis, planning, architecture and design to create beautiful and innovative solutions that result in long-term returns for our clients.

Our Culture

Our studio was intentionally designed to foster a collaborative flow of ideas and talents. We have a strong focus on research and discovery, and we take a hands-on approach to project development. You'll often see us making models from paper, wood or plastic as we explore new ideas and concepts. Or you'll find us discussing a piece of poetry, music or art as inspiration for creative development. In an era when hands-on prototyping is uncommon, our collaborative studio environment helps us discover new solutions, expand our skills and share our successes.

Fyoog Office
Dan Cheetham of Fyoog

Dan Cheetham AIA, NCARB, LEED AP B+C

Founder/Principal Architect

I was born into a  family of classical musicians and originally trained to become a professional musician.  My father, a composer, has been a maker his entire life and taught me to work with my hands. Woodworking helped me discover that I could mold and directly influence the world around me. I’ve carried these influences of music, art and craft throughout my career as an architect.

With a focus on urban commercial buildings, I've led teams from London to Shanghai and San Francisco to New York. In Fyoog, I set out to found a studio that connects the built environment with the arts to create beautiful spaces that surprise, delight and provide opportunities for connection.

An IA Company

At FYOOG, we are proud to call our home IA Interior Architects, a global firm of architects, designers, strategists, and specialists focused on making lives better through design. Aligned with a belief that the future of design is deeply connected to how users experience the built environment, our shared commitment to excellence strengthens and grounds an emphasis on the human experience of space—be it urban development, architectural interior, virtual, or beyond.

FYOOG, as part of IA, continues to be a stand-alone studio for works of art; architectural services are now incorporated into IA’s integrated design approach. Together, we leverage a combined expertise to serve clients that extends far beyond traditional architecture and design. Visit www.interiorarchitects.com to learn more about our new home at IA Interior Architects.

IA Interior Architects and FYOOG

Meet Our Team

Britni HarvisonBritni Harvison

Britni Harvison


Art, Architecture, and Visioning

Maria TelloMaria Tello

Maria Tello


Project Management and Strategic Development

Michelle TarsneyMichelle Tarsney

Michelle Tarsney


Art, Architecture, and Visioning

Justin PonziJustin Ponzi

Justin Ponzi


Architecture, Vision, Artwork

Our Studio

Our Studio