Be Anywhere. Together.

Be Anywhere. Together, a Future Neighbourhood exhibit at Toronto’s 2024 Interior Design Show leveraged cutting-edge technology and bio-based materials to create an immersive and restorative workplace experience that transcends physical boundaries. Here, people can connect and collaborate regardless of their location.

Digital Experience
Future Neighbourhood at Toronto’s Interior Design Show

Research indicates that time spent in nature has significant mental health benefits. Many of us spend at least 1/3 of the day working indoors, so any opportunity to be immersed in a natural environment, even a digital one, can be therapeutic. Large LED screens allowed a user to transform their visual surroundings into various naturescapes. Curated sounds and scents of the selected setting enhanced the immersive experience.

Our feature brick wall and light fixtures were crafted from mycelium, a 100% biodegradable material derived from mushroom roots. The exhibit also included a bamboo table paired with chairs made from recycled kitchen plastics, all nestled among suspended and potted greenery. After the exhibit, all materials were returned, recycled, or donated.

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