Drawing inspiration from community gardens and collaborative art projects, this installation aims to cultivate community involvement while igniting ideas for future intersectional connections. Under the direction of FYOOG, individual components will be brought together by IA Interior Architects' global community throughout its 40th year anniversary, culminating in a unified display during the CoreNet Global Summit in Washington DC on November 1, 2024.

Global Exhibit
Global Co-Created Artwork

Art making centers will be activated at over 30 events across the globe. Die-cut flowers will be used to initiate a unique community-building activity. Participants will be asked to select a flower and write a message around how they personally support their 'fleurishing' community.

The thousands of flowers will be gathered and “planted” into a field of reflective pods. The resulting installation will offer an immersive experience for event-goers, allowing them to stroll through the field and be inspired by individual contributions made to communities all over the world. 

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