Drawing from the celestial colors of the northern lights, Aurorae is crafted from vibrant acrylic pipes lined with colored translucent film. A geometric pattern subtly shifts from side to side, creating unique color overlays that change as the viewer shifts their vantage point.

Interior Acrylic Sculpture
Austin, TX

Suspended cables of clear polycarbonate tubes are filled with colored film, which keeps the weight at a minimum. The large aggregated form comprises over 3,000 pieces, reinforcing the color palette and geometric shapes used throughout the building. More intimate patterns emerge when viewed up close from side to side, resulting in unique color overlays. The wide array of colored disks and the inclusion of mirrored disks map the fluctuations of the surrounding environment so that the sculpture continually registers its context.‍

Aurorae anchors the new public lobby at the Austin Permitting and Development headquarters building, fostering a dynamic connection between the space and its visitors.

©Craig Washburn Pictures

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