Innovating in Repositioning and Value-Add

Commercial renovation is a logical step for aging properties experiencing declining rental rates, tenant vacancies or increased competition from newer developments. While we're skilled in all levels of renovation, our expertise lies in developing an integrated and strategic vision for repositioning a property. Our approach creates leasing velocity and opportunities to retain and attract the most desirable tenants and is ideal for owners with value-add funds.

Leveraging 30 Years of Expertise

We use a proprietary repositioning process, honed over 30 years, to distill a property into a menu of elements that contribute or detract from its potential value. Through this process, we're often able to uncover and leverage existing building features that were previously underutilized. When combined with new strategic improvements and edits, re-envisioning these features can reduce building costs and result in a remarkable asset. Our repositioning process transforms commercial property, creating a lasting impact on the people it serves and resulting in higher demand and increased profits.

In addition to multi-tenant office buildings, our strategic repositioning expertise extends to hotel, retail, mixed-use and historic rehabilitation and adaptive re-use.

Creating Experiences

At Fyoog, we take an artful approach to planning and architectural design. While form and function – as well as budget, returns and timeline – are at the core of our practice, we aim to create environments that delight, inspire and connect the people who use them.

As an extension of our visioning process, our planning and design approach incorporates four key considerations:

  • How can we promote person-to-person engagement within the space?
  • How can the experience of a space draw out the best in people?
  • How can the spatial design encourage people to express their own creativity?
  • How can three-dimensional space foster community, collaboration and incidental interaction?

Solving for these questions allows us to create architectural spaces and experiences that transcend function and result in beautiful, inhabitable art – and inspiring places to live, work and play.

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