Social Helium

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Austin, TX



Photography credit

Ryann Ford

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AUSTIN, TX – We created a temporary, cloud-like pavilion to encourage spontaneous social interaction on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

In today’s digital world, social interactions and experiences are increasingly less frequent, even while collaboration and serendipitous encounters remain at the heart of innovation. Social Helium was designed to create an unexpected and temporary public space aimed at drawing people together to experience spontaneous interaction. Located in the heart of campus, helium-filled balloons supported a diaphanous curtain, which swayed softly and formed a central gathering area for students and faculty.

The project was conceived in response to an international competition and Fyoog was selected from more than 160 proposals. The installation was featured in CURTAINS, a multi-site exhibition and event sponsored by the Center for American Architecture and Design at UT Austin.

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