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Reston, VA



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Sarabi Studio

Kaire Engineering


Boston Properties

Boston Properties is developing a new district within the Reston Town Center and commissioned us to animate the main exterior space with artwork that would be visible from multiple vantages within the mixed-use development.

where land and sky meet

The site for the artwork is unique in that it can be seen from a number of adjacent buildings, streets and public spaces. We devised an approach to capitalize on the opportunity to design a colorful, complex kinetic sculpture that draws inspiration from the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains, while providing a dynamic visual experience based on the viewer’s vantage point. The sculpture is composed of a background of colorful metal disks that support an array of stainless-steel turbines, which flutter in wind microcurrents. The wall-mounted piece is a symbiotic combination of subtle movement and vibrant colors that mimic the characteristics of the area’s landscape.

From a distance, the artwork appears as a colorful mural that boldly contrasts with the large and neutral colored buildings. Those visiting and working in the adjacent buildings will get to experience the complex unfolding of the aggregate color and movement as they approach. At the most intimate scale, viewers standing below the artwork will see the detail of individual pieces. These distinct qualities combine to reveal a signature new public space at the Reston Town Center delighting residents, workers, and visitors, in a different way every time.

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