901 New York Avenue

Project Location

Washington, DC



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Creative Partners

  • Sarabi Studio
  • Delineate Studio

Project Partners

  • Structura
  • Luma
  • DDG


Boston Properties

WASHINGTON, DC - Our vision was to combine artwork with select architectural improvements to give 901 New York Avenue new presence, increased visibility and traction in the marketplace.

Minimal yet bold changes can sometimes be the most powerful. This Class A downtown office building, just four blocks from the White House and adjacent to the quickly improving City Center district, had a dated, sterile and deeply recessed main entrance. Reconfiguring the physical layout of the entry wasn’t feasible. Instead, we devised a strategic approach that involved architectural improvements to finishes, lighting and the pavement, while enlivening the entry experience with a new signature sculpture. Referencing the city's famous cherry trees, the sculpture animates the entry space and creates a focal point that changes in opacity and texture. A reconfigured stairway and new paving stones alter the relationship of the entryway with the sidewalk, while strategic lighting improvements showcase the entry portico to its full advantage at night.

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