20' Wide

Project Location

Austin, TX



Photography credit

Firm credit

Creative Partners

  • Art Alliance Austin
  • Meredith Powell
  • Creative Action
  • TBG Partners
  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  • Steve Parker
  • Matthew Winters
  • Griffon Ramsey
  • Burl Norville

Project Partners

  • City of Austin Downtown Commission
  • City of Austin Public Works Department
  • Downtown Austin Alliance
  • Economic Growth and Redevelopment Services
  • Cultural Affairs Division
  • UT Center for Sustainable Development


AUSTIN, TX - Through a bold sculpture of colored mason's twine, we transformed an unassuming alley in downtown Austin, TX, into a dynamic performance space.

We began our work with a study of the rich history of downtown alleyways and their ongoing significance to Austin. To transform the alley into a new kind of public space, we sought to highlight the alley's utilitarian features, incorporating the fire escapes, electrical conduits, historic windows and exposed brick and stone wall textures into a new and functional, yet playful, construction. Inspired by a child's craft, we knitted together the alley's architectural elements with colored mason's twine. The sculptural quality of the alley was ethereal and engaging, and it became the backdrop for cultural events, social gatherings and impromptu performances.

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