Westin Galleria






In 2007, the Westin at Galleria Dallas found itself unexpectedly cast in the shadow of the adjacent and newly renovated retail center. The owners hired us to lead a comprehensive redesign and reposition of the hotel by creating new room types and mixtures, new meeting and ballroom options, and new amenities by infusing aspects of the successful formula that rekindled Galleria Dallas.

Initially, we explored strategies to better leverage the Galleria and Westin brand, build on the success of the recent Galleria renovation, and explore the physical limitations of the existing tower in an effort to increase occupancy and average daily room rates.  

We began by addressing hotel services that would be most beneficial to weekend travelers. The internationally recognized Westin and Galleria Dallas brand brought travelers from abroad seeking to take advantage of the shopping mall and nearby attractions. To enhance this attraction, we focused on creating comfort and convenience in the guestrooms as well as improving the public amenities with luxurious finishes, furnishings, materials, and details beyond the typical Westin standard. Our goal was to create an indelible impression. Nothing was overlooked, even the hotel restaurant was transformed into a destination food venue managed by a local celebrity chef.  

Next we focused on the business traveler. For this subset of guests, we created new meeting and banquet spaces to help attract group business gatherings, a means that could substantially increase weekday business traffic, typically the lowest occupancy periods. We also reexamined the business rooms, wellness center, and other common areas. We consolidated the business meeting rooms and banquet facilities to the first four floors, which allowed us to dedicate the upper levels to 

guest rooms. This strategy also allowed us to add 24 guest rooms to the project. The pool, an important amenity for most hotels, was previously a rarely used, wind-swept, featureless area. We enclosed the pool with a new ballroom and meeting spaces, complemented by a new public terrace.

To create a cohesive transition between the mall and the hotel we used many similar materials including cream colored stone flooring and warm eucalyptus wood paneling, while also introducing new yet compatible finishes unique to the hotel. The new materials included leather wall tiles, plaster flower wall reliefs, and high-quality contemporary furnishings. We collaborated with a range of artists to create a sumptuous and rich atmosphere rivaling the glamor of resort properties several times more expensive.

The all-inclusive redesign also revealed an opportunity to enhance the bottom line. Enclosing outdated balconies provided an immediate impact by boosting energy efficiency, improving noise isolation from the nearby freeway, and transforming every room into one of the most spacious rooms on the Dallas market. Furthermore, we combined multiple furniture and equipment needs into a unique, single window cabinet that, when coupled with the new window seat, opened up the floor plan. The hotel’s original suites offered another opportunity to redefine luxury and increase hotel income. By emphasizing style, not size, we added several new suite rooms with luxurious materials, amenities, four fixture restrooms, and designer furniture.  

By bridging entertainment, wellness, and relaxation into a seamless experience, the new Westin-Galleria Dallas is now a hot spot for local residents and out-of-town guests. In 2009, the Westin-Galleria Dallas was named the Starwood North America Westin Hotel of the Year.