Architecture is an art form that not only has an obligation to provide functionality and sustainable viability, but also has the inherent responsibility to delight. As a consequence, the successful delivery of this modern architectural vision involves the strategic balance and interweaving of multiple disciplines. Fyoog specializes in bringing art, science, and other influences together through a process of discovery, transformation, and creation

While most of our work is based in the urban realm, there are no limitations on either cost, size, or project location for us to consider. We pursue projects that align with our passions in Architecture, Planning, and Art.  

Below is a brief summary of our services.


Building with purpose.

It is easy to design a building. Architecture is about envisioning and bestowing a purpose beyond utility. This successful duality yields powerful impressions on visitors. 

Each of our projects is unique and built with specific purpose. We accomplish this by viewing each project’s “DNA” as a collection of particular influences such as time, place, context, client, and budget. Our process is continually informed by these influences and the end result is a highly individualized solution. We thrive on the uniqueness of our clients and projects.

We have noticed that a common trait in many current projects is their temporal nature, an almost compulsive desire to embrace rapidly changing fads that are obsolete in mere years. We skillfully marry sustainable materials and technologies with form, light, space, and scale, along with social, cultural, and poetic references to connect users in deep, meaningful ways. Our buildings stand the test of time. The result of this approach is memorable spaces with increased value for our clients, project stakeholders, visitors, and even adjacent properties.


Envisioning a site’s full potential.

No project can launch without a plan. From a university campus to an urban revitalization, to phased commercial constructions, strategic planning lies at the core of every project we do. 

Planning involves understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Parts are obviously essential; in fact, one of our planning goals is endeavoring to explore opportunities that combine separate project elements— buildings, spaces, contextual influences, functional criteria, local flora, and fauna—in a way that enhances or complements the others. This often involves looking for ways to seamlessly stitch project elements in ways that minimize perceptible borders, creating more visual, physical, financial, and programmatic connectivity to the surrounding context.  When combined successfully, they deliver an intuitive experience that maximizes the possibilities within a feasible framework.  

The best schemes include strategic and innovative sequencing that determines how to subdivide projects into feasible steps. Fyoog takes this a step further by creating plans that also insure that projects appear complete, and are operational and profitable throughout all developmental stages. 


Character and significance.

Our conscious effort to see every project as an opportunity for artistic expression, either through self-guided creation or through collaboration, is driven by a conviction that art is an essential means to more deeply connect people to their environments by creating unique and memorable spaces in a world of continual oversimplification.  

Fyoog seeks out locales ripe with possibilities for artistic expression, serendipitous connection, and provocative change. Threshold areas, those in between the public and private realm, are particularly appealing to us because they provide unbeatable opportunities to bring people together. Our work is holistic. It isn’t one-dimensional; each work is site-specific and open to multiple interpretations. The work will transform over the course of the day through changes in weather, temperature, or light conditions. Our experience as architects provides us with the extensive knowledge of building materials, finishes, systems, and technologies that will stand up to the elements. We understand the design and building construction process and embrace opportunities for collaboration.


Collaboration at fyoog starts with the project team itself. By collaborating with our clients, we are able to leverage their skills and knowledge to inform project development. We’ve discovered that clients are a rich repository of knowledge and there has never been a project where we haven’t learned something new from them. Similarly, collaboration allows us to share our knowledge with clients. This approach builds a symbiotic relationship that facilitates communication and promotes deep and meaningful interactions with a productive working methodology. 

We work with many different types of clients including:


- Development
- Real Estate Investment
- Property Management
- Educational Institutions
- Cultural Institutions
- Non-Profit
- Commercial Enterprise

- Cities and Municipalities


featured client list:

AMB Property Corporation
Art Alliance Austin
Bentall Kennedy
City of Austin
City of Fort Worth
Contra Costa Community College District
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
General Growth Properties

Lincoln Property Company
Port of San Francisco
Simon Properties
UBS Realty Investors
University of San Francisco
University of Washington
US Equities Realty
Wilson Meany Sullivan