About Us

We are compelled by the conviction that architecture is inherently responsible to not only provide a useful function and environmentally responsive solutions that last but also inspire delight. As such, our approach often combines influences from creative disciplines such as music and art to create beautiful environments that appeal to the senses. Tactile elements, spatial considerations, hues and coloring, access to natural light, acoustics, and physical and programmatic connections are carefully integrated to take full advantage of every available opportunity to craft an unforgettable space.

We have a passion for public space, particularly, the interstitial areas between public and private space. Our work seeks to effect a change in perspective or point of view. Its intent is to draw people together. It is interactive and spatial, rather than decorative or applied. Each work is site specific and may be experienced and viewed on multiple scales. Our work responds over the course of the day due to changes in weather, temperature, and light conditions.

The outcome is a project that combines quantifiable performance metrics with an unpredictable experience that excites and inspires. Our projects incorporate elements and influences from places that people love to visit, live, work, and play.  They are at once nostalgically familiar yet refreshingly new leaving an indelible impression on visitors and a lasting value for our clients. Many of our clients engage us on multiple projects both for our ability to positively effect the bottom line and also for the opportunity to engage in a unique process that places them at an essential intersection of art and architecture. This Fyoog process is an interplay of three phases: discovery, transformation, and creation.


Fyoog was founded in Austin, Texas by Dan Cheetham in 2010, born from his vision as an architect and his passion as a musician. His 20 years of working for world-class architecture firms in New York, London, and San Francisco serve as a foundation for an unlikely creative process that strives to weave together layers of architectural concepts and artistic influences to create compelling works. In music, this layering is called a fugue. In architecture, we call it fyoog, which we’ve manifested as a firm that utilizes all the techniques and skills necessary to fully leverage contemporary space. 

Dan Cheetham AIA, LEED AP B+C
Founding Principal

Dan Cheetham attended the University of Texas at Austin on a music scholarship in 1982 and transferred to the School of Architecture where he received a Bachelor’s of Architecture, Magna Cum Laude, in 1990. Dan worked in the New York City office of Kohn Pederson Fox in the early 1990s before moving to London to work for Terry Farrell. He then moved to San Francisco where he worked for SMWM as Design Principal. In 2005, he opened the San Francisco office of Steinberg Architects as Design Principal and helped jumpstart the firm’s practice in Shanghai, China. In 2010, Dan started Fyoog. He is a licensed architect in California and Texas, a LEED B+C accredited professional, and a member of the American Institute of Architects.