The Fyoog process is both a science and an art, where the application of innovative design is achieved through the careful synthesis of information. Fyoog explores design limitations with a three-dimensional process involving discovery, transformation, and creation. Each distinct phase is approached with the intention of adding enduring function, beauty, and value.


"Identifying the medium"

Discovery focuses on the identification of all influences and source material that could ultimately contribute to the vision and creation of a project.  The aim of this research-based effort is to arrange these layers into associations and relationships that create an unexpectedly complex palette of design ingredients. This is the art of Fyoog: finding poetic coincidences, emotive parallels, and spiritual synchronicities that inspire and ignite our creative passion.

This phase of the Fyoog process starts with inquiry. What is or is not currently beneficial?  What could be improved? What can be recycled?  We synthesize the Information collected from project constituents and stakeholders, combined with additional data including financial objectives, local context, precedents, history,

visitor demographics, function, and climate to answer these questions. We meticulously tabulate all information from the obvious to the most obscure before putting it in context with project goals.

In discovery, we also explore the potential for involving creative collaborators, whose expertise in their respective fields can provide a unique benefit that seamlessly fits the project design goals while introducing alternate approaches and processes. In addition to specialized engineering consultants, frequent collaborators include artists, artisans, and thought leaders. We are continually fine tuning our craft by working with creative specialists in other disciplines to foster lasting relationships that always result in outcomes that create delight and beauty. 


“Meticulous layering”

Transformation begins with the assimilation and synthesis of the information and influences gathered in discovery. Both literal and figurative design directions encompassing a broad range of attributes are explored in imaginative ways to reveal tangible outcomes and strategies. 

This phase is analogous to the creation of a three-dimensional game board, drawing together all the rules, inspirations, set pieces, and story elements to create an exciting new experience for the client. The transformation phase is an adventure whose outcome is unexpected and unique, determined by how we work together to conduct the interweaving of all the parts. 

Here, imagination and the ability to think outside the boundaries of traditional architecture and work toward a multi-disciplinary approach to design rules supreme.

An equally defining force in transformation is a calculated change, meaning that we are not careless with our creative output. Instead, concepts are presented in real-world scenarios that identify cost-cutting approaches for implementation rather than allowing our imagination to run without limit. Decades of experience have fine-tuned our ability to curate this process diligently and with rigor.


“Refined to perfection”

Creation is the culmination of discovery and transformation. The successful delivery of a transformative outcome and an unmatched client experience. 

For many, the Fyoog process is perceived in this phase as the seemingly spontaneous manifestation of their vision. The creation of something original, yet distinctly familiar. 

For others, an equally important aspect of our service is our attention to detail and the overall quality of the experience itself. This isn’t surprising since the Fyoog process is interactive, engaging, and incorporates clients throughout discovery and transformation.

In many ways, client input is as important as our own. The organic relationships we develop with clients evolve according to their specific goals, existing skills, industry standards, and preferences—a measure of flexibility that is often missing from professional designers.  

Creation is a source of pride for the firm, achievements that are the result of a never-ending effort to improve upon our baseline definition of quality. Each pass through the Fyoog process is a learning experience that allows us to adapt new skills, identify new talent, and broaden our knowledge base over time.